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3D Scanners

3D Scanning makes it possible to scan small and large objects and transform them to real CAD-models - also known as Reverse Engineering. Thus, you are able to optimize, add features or correct any design errors, thereby avoiding a blank Home screen in the beginning of the design process. 

We offer a variety of quality scanners from German Polymetric, French Kreon Technologies and American Geomagic.

Anca Trøstrup

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Kreon Technologies

Avoid registration of your scans after your data Collection

We carry several Scanners from Kreon Technologies. They are small and portable and available with or without Blue-Light Technology. It is also possible to combine the scanners with 'measuring arms', which ensures that the Software knows where the scanner is located. This is especially an advantage when measuring the workpiece lenghts.


  • Touch probe integration
  • Stand-alone or Plug-in Software
  • Auto Quality Check
  • Portable and flexible solutions
  • Plug-andPlay (no controller-functions)
  • Easy to use


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Introduction to Kreon Zephir

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Kreon introduces Solano Blue Laser Scanner

Polymetric PTM 1280

A complete system for 3D digitalization and reconstruction of objects

The PTM 1280 Scanner Series consists of a stereo scanner head with two cameras and a projector which performs a moving stripe-projection. The scanners compact dimensions and low weight, gives them the cabability for both stationary and mobile use.


  • Multiple ranges
  • Expand functionalities with a color camera and high accurate calibration equipment for macro range
  • The scanners are easily adjustable for different measuring areas
  • Controlling of external photoflash devices
  • Objects with a size of few milimeters up to several meters can be scanned with the same equipment by combining scans from different visual angles


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Polymetric viSense

Precision and speed in 3D and color

viSense is an all-round scanning device with a fixed measuring area that can be used in three different modes: Precision, Speed and Snapshot mode. Ideal for scans of head and body parts. Are you e.g. to collect data from deformed body parts, viSense are the one to choose.


  • Operational as single unit or multi-scanner-cluster
  • Control of external flash units for optimal photo quality
  • Automatic merging of simultaneously scanned data
  • Controlled over Gigabit Ethernet
  • Use with or without rotary device PT-R200
  • 3D Capturing of faces and body parts
  • High-precision measurement and documentation of high detailed, static objects


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