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What is 3D printing?

3D Printing is an additive manufacturing method, that allows you to print a physical 3D model using a special layer-by-layer-technology. Today, there are almost no limits for the size and the material. The most commenly used material is plastic, but it is also possible to print objects in materials like plaster, metal or even food, like chokolate and cake batter.


Click and watch an innovative example of how the use of 3D Printing has been used for creating prosthesis to Derby the dog who was born without front paws.


There are several ways to print the 3D object. Some technologies use laser beams and others melt the excess material away. It is also possible to print objects in color. As reseller of 3D Printers from the markets biggest manufacturer, 3D System, we are able to offer several of these unique and patented technologies.